September 30 2016 – The Black Moon Lilith

Tonight, in the Western Hemisphere, a Black Moon is rising in Libra. A black moon is the second New Moon in the same month. On September 1st, and 30th, we are experiencing a New Moon. As our months are generally 30-31 days long, and the lunar cycle is about 29 days long, every 32 months (nearly 3 years) we experience a Black Moon which intensifies the themes of New Moon like going inward, realigning with our Soul path, and setting intentions for ourselves and our world.

The moon has always been associated with deeper connection to the Goddess energies and archetypes. Lilith, associated with the Black Moon and the shadow self, is one of the more misunderstood and infrequently discussed Goddess archetypes. According to the story of the Garden of Eden, Lilith was cast out for her desire for equality with Adam, her fierce determination to stand for Truth, and her unwillingness to be submissive to Adam’s ownership, particularly in her sexuality. Eve was her replacement, made to be the “perfect, submissive woman” who looks to man for guidance and views him as her creator and protector.

Lilith, however, transformed herself into a snake and offered Eve the apple of Knowledge and Truth… not to cause Eve to sin, but in true sisterhood, to bring Eve into the Light of Awareness of equality and empowerment. Upon eating the apple of Knowledge, Eve opened herself to the journey of seeing the duality and power inequality between masculine and feminine energies and the need to take responsibility for herself. We have experienced now millennia of this journey, and tonight’s Black Moon or Lilith Rising is an opportunity to complete that journey for ourselves, as the sign Libra offers us balance and harmony in relationships as we embrace and claim our “shadow side.”

For most women, the shadow side is what we have been taught is weakness, by a society built on the Adam and Eve story. Feminine power and intuition, doing things our own way according to what feels right to us rather than society’s rules, speaking out for justice and equality… how many times have YOU judged these qualities within yourself as weakness?

Some of us have always identified on a deep level with the Lilith energy, and have been rejected from our families, communities, and society at large for our ideals. We know they are our strength and will not compromise for anyone, yet we may still carry deep pain and suffering from the experiences of abandonment and rejection for our gifts and strengths. Tonight is the perfect time to hold a Black Moon Ceremony to honor and heal the wounds our inner Lilith has carried, either by judgment of our strength as weakness, or the wounding of rejection and being misunderstood.

I will share a potent Black Moon Lilith release and receive ritual at the end of this post if you’d like some guidance on how to hold ceremony for yourself in this way.

The reason all of this is surfacing now and the Black Moon Lilith in Libra has come along to help us is that we are in a year long process of expanding into abundance and opportunity, with Jupiter in Libra until late 2017. This means that in order to take advantage of the Abundance we are being offered, we must step into our power and equality of the masculine and feminine in our relationships (romantic AND business) through honoring and balancing the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves.

It is incredibly exciting to feel this shift, as we have been exfoliated and scrubbed raw over the past few months, purifying us from past experiences and limited beliefs so we can live and experience the world from a Soul level, truly receiving and enjoying the sweet fruit of life without guilt or shame. All of life’s blessings are here for us to enjoy, and they are here for ALL of us. Receive the opportunities for Knowledge and Truthful awareness with joy! It is safe to have the knowledge of Truth, and to speak it freely, as the world moves into the new age of Wisdom and empowerment for all beings.

If this is still difficult for you, be very gentle and loving with yourself as you embrace your “shadow side” and learn to see your sensitivity, your emotionality, your sexuality, your intuition as STRENGTH instead of weakness. Learn to trust your inner knowing above all the conflicting beliefs and structures of society around you. In doing this, you offer the sweet fruit of empowerment to all your sisters who are feeling stuck in old paradigms of powerlessness and repression. The Goddess is rising. It’s time to heal your wounds and receive the abundance of power, opportunity, wealth and wisdom that is your Divine right.

As the participants in my #MoneyGoddessChallenge discover, the Goddess of Abundance comes from within you. Abundance is about so much more than money, it’s about receiving the sweetness of life. It’s knowing and honoring the strengths you already have – intuition, deep emotional awareness, empathy towards others, and certainty of what is True and just. Join the challenge here if you are ready to deepen your experience of these gifts.

Tonight, as the Black Moon Lilith rises, take some time to go inward and really honor yourself in all your Goddess strength and glory. Embrace your shadow side, and release the old stories of judgment and rejection of your power. Power, like wealth, is neither good nor bad… it is what you choose to do with your influence that either aligns you with your Soul and the Light you are, or distorts your power into manipulation and victimhood. You get to make the choice.


Want to hold a Black Moon Lilith Ceremony tonight? Here’s one way you can do this.

You will need:

  • a journal, or several sheets of paper and pen
  • a metal bucket, glass bowl, or other safe receptacle to burn paper in
  • matches or a lighter
  • sage, palo santo, incense (you can still do the ritual even if you don’t have these)
  • crystals, candles, other sacred objects that help you focus and connect with yourself (optional)


Set your space with your candles, crystals, music and sage or incense. Infuse it with your intention to release any wounding you have been carrying around expression of your wholeness and Truth, and to claim the expansive Abundance of harmony and equanimity in your life. Once your space is set, you may begin the ritual.

Write on a piece of paper a list of the wounds you are ready to heal. You may like to journal about each item to express the feelings of hurt, betrayal, rejection, or sadness that your Truth hasn’t always been treated with respect and dignity. Honor all the emotions that surface, even the “dark” ones like anger, rage, hatred and resentment. You have every right to feel your emotions fully, and they may have been suppressed for many years, even lifetimes!

When you have finished your list and journaling, hold the paper between your hands and state out loud:

I honor these very real experiences, and all the emotions that have been denied expression. I give myself permission to feel, and to release the heavy burden of judgment and fear of rejection for my self expression.

Set that piece of paper aside, and take out another piece of paper. On this one you will list/journal about the expansion of abundance, opportunities, Truth and Wisdom you are inviting into your life. Envision your harmonious relationship with self, free expression of your intuition, and equality and respect in all your relationships with intimate partners, friends, and business associates. Write about the life you desire as if it is already manifested. Paint it in with detail, directly from your heart’s desire, not just what you think you “should” want or what would be best for you. Only write down what feels totally happy and exciting in every cell of your body from head to toe! I call this the “Full Body YES!”

When you have finished this journaling and envisioning, hold the paper in your hands and state out loud:

I honor my deep intuitive knowing of what is right and good for me, and I give voice to my Truth, allowing Abundance, expansion, and the power of my Soul to flow through me in every moment. Every day in every way my experience of this Truth grows stronger and stronger.


Now for the fun part! Take both pieces of paper, along with your fire receptacle outside under the Black Moon. If you can stand barefoot in the grass or on the earth, you will feel even more connected and experience the power of the Earth supporting you in this energetic shift.

Take the paper with everything you are releasing and say out loud with the Black Moon Lilith as your witness:

I release all that no longer serves me, and willingly receive the healing Love of the Universe to restore my True nature of empowered Divine Goddess in all the aspects and unique qualities of my Soul.

Burn the paper, and as it goes up in flame, feel the lifting of those heavy burdens from your shoulders and your heart. This would be a great time to burn sage or palo santo to cleanse and purify your energetic body.

Once the paper has burned completely, take the intentions you have set under the powerful Black Moon of Lilith and say out loud:

I am ready to receive all this and more, it’s equal and better for my Divine right to happiness, health, wealth and ease. I receive the Abundance of my True nature with joy!

Burn the paper, and as the flames and smoke lift your intentions into the heavens, you may feel like dancing, jumping around, or moving your body in a sacred, rhythmic expression of your joy and power. You could also hold your favorite crystals during this process, charging them with the empowerment you are receiving so they can help you shift your daily vibrations more deeply into your True Self over the coming weeks.

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