Every year on August 8th (8/8), we celebrate the Planetary New Year with a Lion’s Gate.

But what does that really mean?

The Lion’s Gate Portal refers to a wave of high vibrational Light energy that gives the Earth an “upgrade.” The energy opening actually begins on July 26th (Planetary New Year) and closes on August 12th, though the sensations of this event can often be felt long after the apex of intensity on 8/8. During this time, anything of lower vibrations that no longer serves you is being transformed into lighter, higher vibrational energy. This is a wonderful thing, but can sometimes feel very intense!

Solar flares often get more active and “ascension symptoms” like feeling extra tired, feeling more hyper than usual, insomnia, minor respiratory issues like colds and coughs, body aches, and other physical things can appear. These are nothing to worry about, your physical body is just trying to integrate and catch up with the raise in vibration the Universe is presenting you with. Those old patterns and energetic “junk” are being shifted and transformed for you, so the more you can relax and let go of control, the easier the integration will be. Know that the Lion’s Gate is helping you step more fully into your Soul’s power and wisdom, so anything that surfaces during this time that feels negative, heavy, or confusing is on its way out, and there’s no need to do anything but wave goodbye to it with joy and gratitude!

This year, (2016) the Lion’s Gate is extra powerful! We are being Guided into full Mastery of ourselves, and the Earth itself is jumping into another level or dimension of awareness. The 7th dimension that we are being invited into is one of inner stillness and peace. While that may seem like a pipe dream to some of us, given the chaos and turmoil on earth at this time, know that every bit of duality and suffering you see with your eyes is the old pattern and way of life falling away.

When you see, feel or experience heartache and pain, discrimination and suffering around you, go inward to a place of stillness and peace to hold and anchor the vibrations of the 7th dimension on Earth, so the transition and transformation can happen more smoothly and easily around you. This requires practice! Meditation, yoga, and other practices of tuning into your body, quieting your mind, and caring for yourself on all levels of mind/body/spirit will help not only your physical lightening, but will radiate peace and comfort into the collective energies of the Earth.

The Lion’s Gate Portal is a wonderful time to gather in community of like-minded conscious and heart-centered people who are committed to bringing the world into the awareness of Love and lightness of Spirit. Take care of yourselves and each other during this powerful time! For more information, please check out Celi a Fenn’s channel from Archangel Michael regarding the Lion’s Gate and Planetary New Year. I have followed Celia’s work for 10 years now and I completely trust the information and energies she brings through. Her work with Starchild Global in South Africa is a tremendous gift to the world!

August is a wonderful time to reboot your plans, goals, and intentions for the year, and to re-align yourself with your Soul! Let me know in the comments below how you’re feeling during this time of transformation, and how I can support your journey of awareness and self-discovery!

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