A sweet, well-meaning lady in flowing robes has probably at some point eased your fears about Reiki (a form of energy healing, if you haven’t met this robed mystic yet) by saying something like:

“Oh honey, Reiki could never hurt you, it only helps and heals. It’s pure Light and Love, and will help you relax and let go of your stress or illness naturally.”

So off you go in a warm and fuzzy haze of patchouli and nag champa into a dim room full of crystals and soft music playing. Sounds nice, right? You might actually be able to relax and trust this mystical healer… and you almost forgot about all the questions you had about what to expect.

Now you’re laying on a table, looking up this hippy’s nose as she closes her eyes and starts to wave her hands over you. Oh boy. What’s next?


What’s next is a shitstorm of epic proportions. A battle of will and identity unmatched by any giant droid deathmatch you’ve seen on the silver screen, a universal bitchslap you never saw coming. SURPRISE!

Reiki is fucking dangerous as hell. It’s a badass gangster of healing that won’t take no for an answer. Shift or shut the fuck up, says Reiki. All those cool things you thought were essential parts of you… like your fiery temper and killer left hook, your career, even your family identity… they aren’t actually YOU, and Reiki illuminates all those falsehoods you thought were real in glaring fucking clarity.

You know that belief you have in the back of your mind that whispers that the world is fucked up, you’re right and good, and no one else is quite as smart/beautiful/loyal/whatever you think is so awesome about yourself as you are… yeah. That one’s a lie too.

So if you want to stay comfy, preserve your vision of who you are, and put off looking into the depths of your Soul, Reiki is as dangerous as it gets.

I’m not just talking shit either. Reiki has bitchslapped me up and down the sidewalks of life, peeling off all the identities I’ve created for myself… the good friend, the creative rebel, the angsty bitch who won’t take your shit, the overinflated ego of an asshole genius, the good girlfriend, the bad girlfriend, the lover, the fighter…

I’ve made a lifelong “career” out of playing different roles, now where’s my Hollywood payday?!

Here’s how the dangers of Reiki showed themselves to me.

My very first encounter with Reiki quickly stripped away my idea that as an emergency med tech, I knew more than most people about how healing happens in the body. Let me tell you the crazy story of how that belief died.

While visiting a friend who happened to be a Reiki Master, I stubbed my little toe… HARD. More accurately, I practically ripped it off, as I looked down and saw my little toe pointing to the right instead of straight ahead. A dislocated fracture, great.

My medical knowledge kicked in… a trip to the ER would yield xrays, hours of wait time, and re-setting the bone well after the numb of shock has worn off, loopy drugs, and in the end they would just tape my toe to its neighbor and send me home.

I chose at that moment to bypass the ER and set the toe myself, taking a deep breath and yanking it into place before I even hobbled into the living room with my firned.  I told him what happened, showed him the foot, and asked if he would do Reiki. I believed there was nothing that could make it better, so I might as well try this weird energy thing he was talking about.

And then my reality got peeled back. He placed his hands around my toe, and I felt so much heat flowing through the nerves and bones and tissue of the toe I saw white lightning. I was surprised, but I stuck with it, out of curiosity I guess. WTF was happening, this is supposed to be this weird fluffy stuff that doesn’t really do anything, right?

In about a minute and a half, the heat calmed down and my toe started to feel warm, glowy and tingly. Really scientific descriptions, I know, but that’s the best I can do. It was like nothing I had experienced before. I felt that glowing, tingling pulse of energy in my toe for about 5 minutes, even after my friend removed his hands, which blew my mind again.

Less than 10 minutes after I fractured and dislocated my toe, the pain was gone (zero narcotics, booze, or anything else to numb the senses), and I could walk normally. In fact, my toe never even bruised… impossible based on what I believed to be true.

That’s when I learned the true danger of Reiki. It changes everything. Turns your whole world upside down… and it’s actually better that way! Who knew!?

I’m now a Reiki Master Teacher because my whole life changed so dramatically. I blame it all on Reiki, and I embrace its danger to my identity and way of life. It has always led me toward feeling happier, healthier, and more empowered. That’s a danger I gladly accept!

What about you? Is the risk of Reiki worth it?

Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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