Life Sucks Sometimes, Doesn’t It?

Especially when you’ve been manifesting like a mo’ fo’ and raising your vibration…

You set a huge goal and you’re going for it, you’re leaving the past behind, everything’s looking great, and then…


All of a sudden, all your old patterns are happening again. You’re behind on the rent or heading into foreclosure. Your partner cheated on you. Again. Everything you thought you healed and moved beyond is in your face. AGAIN!!! 

I totally get it. It’s so tempting to jump into defeating thoughts and feelings.

The rabbit-hole of low vibration feels SO cozy when you’ve been emotionally skinned by shock and betrayal. 

It’s really easy to listen to the voice that says:

“See, I don’t deserve my dreams.”

“I really am a f*ck up.”

“I’m not strong enough for this.”

“I can’t.” 

“I don’t want to work this hard.” 

When you get to THAT voice, take a moment to listen. There’s some truth there!

[Tweet “You are a fucking Infinite Universal Creator. Why the hell are you playing with energy poo?!”]


This ish that just fuck your world up? 




Listen, I’m not blaming you. 

Seriously, I sabotage and block myself like 10,000 times a day. But with practice, I’m getting better at catching myself, and that’s the key.We all resist success and happiness on some level, and the best way our egos have found to stop us in our tracks is to throw another instance of our deepest wounding at us. 

Yes, the ego does this, but you are the decision maker.

You may not have consciously chosen to hurt yourself again with an old pattern, but every time you chose low vibrations over higher, self-doubt over total self belief (in thoughts AND feelings), you gave ego the wand of your life’s magical creation and said “here, make this harder for me.”


Don’t Give Up Tho. 

All those choices you let ego make for you? You can unmake them.


All the sh*t in your life that ego manifested for you (like not enough money, everyone’s out to get you, can’t find an honest partner) can be walked away from.


You’re HERE to walk away from it.

[Tweet “Life is not meant to be hard. Manifesting, and therefore physical life, is very very easy.”]

The good news is, I figured out how to get past my self-sabotage of old patterns, let go of that sh*t-storm of negative crap, and manifest my personal best (the best, happiest outcome for me). 

{PST!!! –  I’m totally gonna share my secrets with YOU!}


5 Simple Steps to Being Your Best Self

While there are 5 steps to this process, I added in reminders to BREATHE throughout! The Breath is how you open and receive the flow of energy through your physical body, so gently notice anytime your breath gets restricted. That indicates a thought, feeling or belief that is restricting the flow of energy.

  1. Watch your thoughts. This is easy to do once you’ve brought some attention to your breathing. You can notice your thoughts more easily, without identification with them, which is great… now you can choose which ones you want to keep thinking!
  2. Honor/Release heavy emotions. You might like to talk with a close friend, use EFT Tapping, or receive a healing session from a qualified professional to do this step. Or you could journal, write a blog, or make a simple inner choice to let it go.
  3. Cultivate Gratitude. Feeling thankful for everything you already have, as well as grateful trust that your dreams and manifestations are on their way to you is key to allowing your personal best.
  4. Imagine/Feel as if. Spend some time every day imagining with your visualization, your energy and your emotions, as if your manifestation or dream were already real in your everyday life. The more time you spend in the vibration, the faster it arrives.
  5. Expect/Believe/Receive. These three “actions” happen quite naturally and all at the same time once your vibration speeds up to meet your intended manifestation. When you’ve done the 4 previous steps, you can’t help but Expect it to show up, Believe it’s already there for you, and Receive it like it’s no big deal, while celebrating how awesome your personal best is.

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