Everybody always freaks out when Mercury goes Retrograde… but YOU don’t have to!

Mercury Retrograde, or Merc Rx/MR for short, is a period of 18 days when the planet Mercury, ruler of communication, appears to go backward in the sky.

If you believe all the hype, Mercury Retrograde causes all kinds of trouble, earning it the name of “trickster.” Many people report difficulty with electronics, travel problems, and general “everything’s gone wrong-itis,” proclaiming it is all Mercury’s fault. And since it happens 4 times a year, that adds up to a lot of blame and complaining… does Mercury deserve it?

Let’s be honest, sometimes Mercury Retrograde does seem to cause a sh*t ton of chaos. Here in the U.S. as Mercury goes Retro this time, we’re having violent displays of racist bigotry becoming a state of emergency in my own home state.

I’ve had computers die, cars quit working, and all kinds of “negative” crap… so why do I love Mercury Retrograde?

1. Mercury’s like a good friend who tells you when your outdated style’s not working for you!

As the Great Communicator, Mercury Retrograde (looking backward) gives me an awesome opportunity to check in and see if I’m telling the Universe EXACTLY what I want, or if I’m letting some fears and worries get in.

Things going wrong are a sure sign you’ve slipped into worry, instead of trusting the Universe to give you only the blessings you asked for, or an upgrade.

So when things are going wrong during Mercury Retrograde, I know I need to elevate my thoughts, my subconscious programming, energy vibes and my feeling thoughts.

On the other hand, when I’ve been staying clear in all my thoughts to the Universe, Mercury Retrograde actually MANIFESTS MAGICALLY!

I’ve manifested 5 jobs, 3 dream homes, 2 beautiful cars, and so much more during Mercury Retrograde.

The trick is to go with what FEELS TRUE. Mercury will trip you up if you’re trying to go against your intuition!

So instead of cursing Mercury Retrograde and hiding in your bedroom til it’s over, why not try using it as a mirror of alignment?

2. I get shit DONE during Mercury Retrograde!

Another aspect of good ole Merc Rx is that we are given an opportunity to tie up any loose ends we’ve procrastinated on during the previous few months.

Now, if you don’t fight this, and you trust that taking action will benefit you, Mercury Retrograde will propel you into inspired action! Like magic it seems, you will finish up projects, complete emotional healing cycles, improve your home, elevate your mood, and strengthen your relationships.

But you gotta be ok with letting it happen, and not controlling the outcome or the process. I know that’s asking a lot, expecially in this Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, a typically cautious and orderly sign.

The payoff is huge though, so give it a try and let me know how it goes.

3. Mercury Retrograde is magical creative play time!

With your Universal Communication/Manifestation clear and your loose ends tied up, Mercury invites you to PLAY!!!

Energy for your passions abounds during Mercury retrograde, and indulging your creativity during this time will set the tone for the next few months.

Taking time to spiritually connect and communicate is ESSENTIAL during Mercury Retrograde, and it lays the groundwork for the coming weeks and months. Why not use these powerful energies to work FOR you, instead of being bashed over the head by them every 3 months?

Play, intend, create, and charge up your energy during Merc Rx. Give yourself permission to make this your everyday pattern and communication to the Universe.

When you playfully communicate with the Universe in a relationship of joy, the answers you receive will be joyful, and your manifestations abundant and instant!


Who is ready to make Mercury Retrograde Magic?


Hit the comment button below, and tell me what you are aligning with this Mercury Retro!

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