Pretty words and affirmations seem useless in the midst of a storm.

Yet when applied consistently, Affirmations can be a rock to cling to, and a light to follow out of the darkness.

Chaos and emotional turmoil are common in our everyday lives, and they can seriously cause low energy, confusion, boundary issues, and out of whack intuition.

But the storm doesn’t have to suck you in.

You can learn to use the power of the storm to fuel your positive intentions. You can clarify your intuition and hone your gifts, embracing the storm as a powerful cleansing.

This is especially important when using powerful Affirmations of Truth. Affirmations have the power to transform every aspect of our lives by igniting and drawing forth our best qualities.

Where most people get stuck is the storm of emotions that Affirmations reveal.

Repeating an Affirmation of safety when a hurricane is rattling the windows would make anyone feel frustrated or disbelieving – the Affirmation and the feeling of the situation are quite opposite!

Yet the Affirmation is simply revealing the emotions that hold the external situation in place. Fear feeds the hurricane, and the cycle keeps spinning.

This is as true for an actual hurricane as it is for the storm of a breakup, or tornado of old family patterns playing out yet again.

The key is to be more stubborn than the fear/discomfort.

Every time it rears its head, simply repeat the Affirmation with as much certainty as you can muster. You are practicing being stronger than the storm with your peace of mind. This is how we make Miracles.

I read an article this week, where a prominent spiritual leader said that Affirmations are dangerous. And to be honest with you, I agreed with him.

His claim is that focusing only on the positive causes us to avoid feeling all of our emotions. If you focus on Affirmations and ignore the feelings that surface, you certainly are stirring a recipe of disaster.

The power in Affirmations lies in their ability to REPLACE the feelings that aren’t True. All of our emotions deserve to be felt.

In fact, emotions cannot shift and transform UNTIL they are felt!

The underlying cause of any storm, physical or emotional, is a judgment of feelings. That judgment starts building a pressure until it is released.

Affirmations actually give us an opportunity to release the pressure and disperse the building storm of energy, emotion and confusion.

By giving us a powerful Truth to cling to, we can be certain that the storm of emotions, judgments and stuff we’d rather ignore will NOT suck us in.

As we continue repeating the affirmation through the storm, the emotions move through, the energies release, and our Spiritual connection returns.

No matter what your personal storm is at the moment, a few Affirmations of Safety will help calm your mind and body, allowing your Truth to reveal itself and calm the chaos. Here are a few of my favorites

I AM safe wherever I AM. 

Where I AM, God is.

Nothing can alter my Infinite, Eternal Truth.

There is no problem without a solution.

The Universe is my reflection.

I AM calm and safe, now and always.

God did not create chaos, so it cannot exist. 

I choose to see Truth in place of all chaos, now and all ways.

I like to practice my Affirmations while walking along the beach, or moving my body through yoga poses.

It’s a great way to clear some of the emotional energy that may be blocking the Affirmation from “settling” in the body.

The more you cultivate a sense of safety in the body, the eaier you can Affirm you are safe in chaotic or frightening situations.

With fear reactions calmed, the creative and intuitive parts of us can act with confidence, working with our Guidance to solve problems with ease + magic.

What personal storms are threatening YOUR sense of safety?
Tell me in the comments below, and I’ll send you a bit of Reiki and Affirm you are safe, cared for, and Divinely Guided!

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