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The Shift in global systems we have been co-creating is here!

December is a big month of shift and transformation for everyone on the planet. We are collectively moving from the old ways of inequality and separatism into a state of working together for a common good.

That means, there’s a whole lot of cosmic shaking and quaking to be done!

Injustices will continue to come to light this month in the public arena regarding all forms of inequality, from systematic sexual harrassment and assault to financial abuse by governments and individuals.

As with any major shift that hits the fan, there is also an uprising of the “new” and True. This Truth is anything but new, but the value and priority it will have in our collective hearts and minds from now on is truly NEW!

So what does this look like on the ground for us energy sensitive sisters?

In general, there will be 3 types of experiences for us, depending on how fully we are living our calling.

For those (most of collective humanity) who haven’t embraced their calling yet, December will confront them with every opportunity to make that choice. The strength of resistance against their Truth and Divine Calling will equal the strength of the shift that hits the fan for them.

For you who have begun to follow your Divine Calling, even if it’s in infancy stages, you will experience an intense refinement of your path and purpose. You’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone, and offered every opportunity to grow! It may be uncomfortable, but the more you embrace it, the faster and more pleasant the transition will be.

And last but not least, those who are currently living their purpose fully… it has probably been a bit of a struggle for you, a test of courage and faith, and stretched you to the max! Prepare for a rocket blast of supportive energy, abundance, and the rewards of your hard work! This article/channel is meant to help you make the most of this shift, regardless where you are in your journey at this time.

The Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Ariel in particular, have some messages for us. I will try to deliver them as clearly as possible!

Archangel Michael: First, my beloved sensitive ones, please know that this shift and transformation is YOUR DOING.

Your hearts’ deep cries for truth, the strength of your prayers for the benefit of the world, and your committment to experiencing Oneness and joy within yourself has made this shift/transformation/healing possible world-wide! Please congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Second, I will ask you to be very mindful of what you expose your precious sensitive minds and bodies to during this shift. The urge to engage in drama and to “fix” what seems to be wrong in your world by controlling or ordering people and situations to do what’s right will be very strong throughout December, and over the next year.

It will seem like you are helping, but it will only tether you to those lower energies which are surfacing now for healing. The only healthy response is to give the situation love, give your worries, fears and frustrations to me, and let me protect your energy!

I will always guide you away from drama and negativity, and into the Light and support that you deserve, and that is available for you. So during December, when you feel Guided away from drama and negativity, know that it is Me, and it is safe to relax and let me help you.

I also ask you to be aware of the words you use, as they have collective energy embedded in them that may not be your intention.

For example, the common phrase “I just love you to death/to pieces” has loving intention, but the energetic weight of love causing death or dismemberment, or dissociation of the self is implied with the words.

Your languages (all of them) have many subtle and hidden realities within them. Be open to shifting your words, and I will help you make use of your language to co-create what you truly desire!

And finally, I ask that you spend less time consuming tv shows, news, or movies that aren’t positively uplifting and inspiring. This is not because we want you to hide away from what is happening in the world, but during this time, many of the things coming to Light are of the lower energies.

You already know about them, and have been praying and believing without cease that these injustices must come to light. This is the time when they must be seen, acknowledged, and healed.

Because you are such an integral part of this process, we need you to stay protected and free of the lower energies, the sadness and grief, shock and horror that arises as injustice is brought to Light. This is so you can play your role as helper, by staying clear and high-vibe, so those who are shifting can match your vibrations!

You are doing SO WELL! We are Infinitely proud of you, and we love you!

Archangel Ariel: Beloved, how kind and loving are you to yourself? This is directly affecting your experience of love, relationships, career, finances, and physical health.

We can hear that many of you are in a habit of talking down to yourselves, minimizing your brilliant ideas, questioning the wisdom we share with you, and in general, bullying the sh*t out of yourselves.

Naturally, this is not what we want for you, and we know it’s not what YOU want for yourself either. For that reason, we are drawing this to your attention during the month of December.

This month marks the start of a new cycle for you in your careers. How you react to the shifts in December and throughout 2018 will set the tone for the next 27 years.

This is why it’s so important to detach your identification with media, news, and collective stories. You are in a process of CREATING with the Universe/God and the Angels, and all the support is available for you to create bigger, more abundantly, and on a higher vibration than ever before.

It is TIME, dear sisters, to make a beautiful, comfortable, luxurious living while helping and healing the world.

Many of you have struggled to make ends meet from your spiritual work, or are too afraid to start living your calling, because you could not see how to make a wonderful income with it all.

We are here NOW to help you with this! It is our greatest wish that you allow us to “launder money” through you. The current energy of money in your world is indeed very low vibration. We would be blowing Angeldust up your arses if we told you anything else.

We ask that you receive as much money as possible, to bless and raise the vibration of the money energy, so that Spiritual Money Energy can take its rightful place. We see that most of you are inadvertently shoving away the money we are sending to you, because you refuse to participate in lower vibrational money.

For example, a client wants to pay you extra for the 20 minutes you spent explaining their reading, and you wave it away, affirming that you care more about their healing than about money.

We love your committment to being a clear channel of the Divine. Your service is appreciated, and celebrated in the Spirit realm, far more than you can know!

But your financial wealth and abundance IS a part of your health and wellbeing, and you must always respect your own health as much and more than the healing for your clients!

You are here with extraordinarily sensitive bodies, in a world that is still in process of raising its vibration. It is not easy to feel this, you knew that, and yet you agreed to be born with these gifts and awarenesses, despite the intensity!

The “perks” of the job are that you are GUARANTEED wealth that will support your physical, emotional and vibrational sensitivity. That means a spacious, high-vibe home and housemates.

It means sufficient money from a job or self-employment that utilizes your gifts in a way that is comfortable and relevant to you at this time! If you are not currently receiving your guaranteed benefits as a Lightworker, psychic, healer, or spiritual professional, NOW is the time!

Some of you may feel “pushed” into making decisions about moving forward in your calling, as if you are not ready. Remember that it is only the lower energies that would cause you to think that, and if you will give us (the Angels) permission, we will lift those worries and doubts FOR you.

We are sending you people whom we know you are suited to help. These people will pay you well for the help you offer. They may seem like a totally new kind of client, or like more of your favorites!

Rest assured that there is an Infinite supply of money for you, as well as an Infinite supply of people for you to help, who would like to pay you money, and allow you to launder their money from employment into a Spiritual Money Energy. In actuality, this blesses your client’s finances as well!

This is the way Spiritual Money Energy works – it benefits everybody!

Whether you paid money or received it, Spiritual Money Energy will always expand, with an energy of joy and lightness. We ask you to practice cultivating a relationship with money that will allow your WHOLE self to be healthy – not just your mind, your energy, your body, but also your finances!

The world needs you to be healthy. You DESERVE to be healthy.

The best way to do this is to roll up your sleeves and get started! Make a commitment to yourself and to us, that you will help those we send to you.

When you are guided to share about your gifts, know that it is us, nudging you, because someone we sent to you is within earshot!

Above all, ask us for help with anything that troubles you. Ask for money when you need or want it. Give yourself permission to have an expansive, light, happy life!

We love you so much, and want to help you expand in joyful service and financial abundance! You are an ESSENTIAL part of the Earth’s healing and evolution.

Call on us often. We will speak to you again soon!


I hope you enjoyed these messages from Archangel Michael and Archangel Ariel, about the energies of December, and the massive call to live your life purpose in an abundant way!

I have been receiving these messages so strongly and insistantly for the last few days that I finally realized they weren’t just for me – Angels wanted me to share them with you!

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