Is Emotional Baggage Disconnecting Your Spiritual Wi-Fi??

Confidence… shot.
Spiritual connection… no signal.
Inner peace… seriously, wtf have you been smoking?

We’ve alllll been there. And I guarantee we will ALL experience it again at some point. As sensing, feeling human beings, we get in our own way at times.


The #1 cause of this spiritual derailment is…. wait for it… EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE.

Ugh. Can United just lose that sh*t already and leave me with my awesome WonderWoman carryon?

Because I know first hand that when you’re frantically struggling with all the extras that seemed like a good idea when packing, shit tends to go from bad to worse.

You miss your flight because you stuck your “cute” nail file shaped like a samurai sword in your bag, and now TSA thinks you’re up to no good. You forget to eat, so now you’re hangry-pants, and NO ONE is making life easier.

Before I continue this tragic tale, let me just stop the part of you that wants to wallow in how hard everything is, and how everything’s going wrong for me….

Go ahead. Get it all out. All the whines and complaints, and blaming TSA, and getting angry at anyone and everyone but yourself.

Now take a deep breath. Let it all go. It’s not really true, and if it was true, it’s not going to help you anyway so just…. let go.

There are new possibilities just waiting for you to make space for them to show up. Your intuition has always guided them to you with signs, symbols, and that sense of synchronistic magic! You can hear and feel your intuition when you’re not running in circles trying to carry around all these feelings and senses that aren’t true.

So when it feels like someone unplugged your Divine Wi-Fi and your headed down to the dungeon of self-doubt, remember that it’s up to you to say no to dragging around baggage that’s only going to make life harder for you.

Travel light and STAY connected + confident in your intuition by regularly “unpacking” your baggage and letting some of it go.

The best way I’ve found for doing that is through EFT Tapping. That’s why it’s such a crucial element in the Elevate YOUniversity arsenal of Spiritual Life-Hacks.

Imagine every day, every week, feeling lighter and more free… Experiencing more ease as your intuition guides you smoothly through.

Never heard of EFT Tapping before? Head on over to the High-Vibe Goddess Tribe, where we do a live session every #TappingTuesday.

It’s absolutely possible to feel light and free of your emotional baggage. Frustrations, resentment, fear… we’re cleaning out our closets and making room for ease.

How does Tapping *magically* get rid of your baggage, you ask?  Read all  about the science and *magic* of How + Why EFT Tapping Works.

You can even try it right now. Just tap your fingertips lightly on the crown of your head. Say out loud,

“Everything in the way of my Intuition working clearly and easily so that I am confident and wise, delete delete delete.”

Take a few breaths and wait a moment to see how your energy and your feelings are. Then tap on the toop of your head again and say out loud

“I now activate my Divine Intuition and am Confident in following all its messages, seen and unseen, heard and unheard, felt and unfelt, known and unknown. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Take a few more deep breaths and let your body settle. Notice any sensations you have. Most people feel much lighter and free of troublesome thoughts and feelings.

Congratulations, you’ve just taken the first step in reconnecting your Divine Wi-Fi so you can live a confident, connected, intuitive life!

Did you like the Tapping exercise? I’d love to hear what you felt… leave me a comment below!

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