Don’t give up just before the Miracle shows up.


The energy is so heavy in our collective consciousness right now.

Are you feeling it too?

I woke up to an inbox full of messages from women like you, who thought they had broken through to their alignment with joy and ease… only to have it all come crashing down. Depression, family ties being broken, partnerships ending, serious illness threatening their family, and all the “end of the world” kinds of problems…



There are a combination of things happening energetically right now. The planetary retrograde event right now with Venus, Jupiter, Mercury and Saturn all going “backwards” at the same time is bringing up the deepest roots of our issues with expressing our authentic self.

Our sense of worth and value, courage and action, and aligned communication is being shaken up with Saturn’s magic karma wand. For some of us, it’s felt like Saturn’s been beating us with the karma stick, but I promise, the magic is on its way.

While it is intense and uncomfortable to face and clear all these deeply personal doubts and fears at the same time as everyone else on the planet seems to be doing the same thing, it’s actually EASIER energetically to let it go. It’s like one big purge… we are all doing a cosmic ayahuasca ceremony together, clearing ourselves in preparation for an expansion of Self!

Remember that this is only temporary. Go into it with the intention of remembering your Truth while in the midst of your nightmare. Once you can do this, nothing can really harm you. Keep practicing!

The timing of this sudden surge of heavy energy is also interesting. For those who celebrate Easter, you’ll be aware that the hardest wave of heaviness hit on Good Friday, the day that Christians believe Jesus died on the cross. I grew up Christian, and I could feel my body’s cells vibrating with the heaviness of guilt, shame and sorrow that the beloved Master had to sacrifice his life to save me from my sinfulness. It’s a horrible story, and it’s not actually true.

Jesus is and was a representation of who we all are – the Divine Child of God. He “died” on the cross to prove to us that death is not real, that our belief in suffering and sin is what holds us to this tragic trauma of the cross. His message with the dramatic demonstration we re-enact on stages in churches across the world every year was NOT “worship me so you don’t have to die a horrible death like me.”

His message was “I’m not dying. My body isn’t feeling pain. I am not identified with suffering, so all I feel is my Truth. And you can feel that too, because you are like me. The suffering you experience in the body and in this world is a choice. When I ask you to follow me, I mean follow my example of living my Truth, and being so full of my Spirit that Miracles are a natural part of your life, where suffering was once your daily experience.”

So whatever “separation” and suffering seems to be happening in your life right now as you consciously choose to follow your Truth is simply making room for a Miracle of rebirth and new life for you! THIS is your karma… to make the choice to take yourself out of endless rounds of suffering, trying to understand what went wrong, and step into your karmic Truth of joy and peace.

You can do this very simply.

  1. Give yourself 2-3 minutes to allow your mind to cycle through all its concerns, doubts, and all the negativity you’ve been feeling.
  2. Now take a deep breath, and honor yourself for being committed to your Truth even with all this crap going on in your mind!
  3. Take another deep breath, and with your exhale, release the heavy feelings, inviting your Infinite Spirit to fill your mind, heart and body with your Truth and Divine Wisdom.
  4. Spend about 5 more minutes enjoying this flow of sparkly energy through your body, and the sense of calm that comes with it.
  5. If you don’t feel a shift immediately, simply wait in trust and faith that it will come.
  6. Remember, your FAITH creates the space for the Miracle!

I’ll end this message to you with my daily meditation for today, the perfect remedy to the stress and suffering we have been feeling.

“God’s peace and joy are mine.” – ACIM lesson 105

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