This is a POWERFUL time to be alive!

It can also feel excruciatingly painful at times. Lion’s Gate, 8-8 Portal of Cosmic Energy is our big operating system update. Just like your computer or cellphone shuts down while running updates, your body, mind, and energy systems may go a bit “wonky” while you are running cosmic energy updates!

Fortunately, this is all for a big REALLY GOOD reason and purpose. We are collectively as a planet ready to be Sovereign co-creators of the Universe and work together in harmony, without our old baggage (sometimes known as karma).


I am so beyond ready to create what I really want instead of being bogged down by everyone else’s bullshit, aren’t you?!


But wait…

Why is all this chaos showing up for me?

Well lovebug, I’m afraid to say it… you ARE creating everything you’ve said you wanted… with your thoughts, feelings and energies. Some of which, you aren’t consciously aware of. Others, have become part of your world view and you can’t even see that it’s causing this hot mess.


Sovereignty, or personal autonomy requires that you acknowledge everything you’ve created. And the big kicker… appreciate it, without judgment. Even if it was a big mistake. SIGH. I know, it sucks, right?

But honestly, this is how you unlock your Truth. Own up to the times you’ve bought into someone else’s bullshit because it was easier than rocking the boat. Forgive yourself. Validate your gnarly feelings of resentment and jealousy… and turn them into confirmation that the success you see in someone else is just as possible for you.

Invest all that energy in yourself instead of wishing for someone else’s life, or that one magic pill or course or oracle deck that will make everything clear.

Take one step. Then take another. And another. That’s the badassness of being a Lion, a Leader, a Co-Creator of the Universe. You can create anything you want, but it’s not going to happen either without magic, or ONLY by magic.

Watch for the magic. Listen to your intuition. Ask for signs and guidance. Ask the Universe eleventybillion times a day “What would it take to do xyz that I don’t know how to do” until the Universe shows you the answers so clearly you can’t help but take action. This is how you make Miracles.

Because the Truth is, beloved, you are here to do amazing things. You are meant to touch lives, to change the world, and to have RADIANT joy and delight in your life. Your abundance, support, and ease is the Universe’s desire for you.

But to receive it all, you must be fully Sovereign. You have to know what you want more than what you don’t want, and you have to be able to ask for the best, knowing it’s beyond what you know. This means TRUSTING the Universe.

So as August 8th approaches, tune in to your inner Lionnesse.

Leave a comment below and tell me: 

  1. What are you passionate and “mumma Lion” about for others?
  2. How can you apply that “fierce nurturing” to your inner uncertainties?
  3. If you knew you always had a Lion to protect you, what would you do differently?


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