Money is a problem for most Empaths.

There are 3 main reasons for this.

1.  As sensors, we usually carry the strongest DNA Patterns of our family’s money imbalances. Whether your family is wealthy or struggles financially, you probably carry an energy signature about money that doesn’t fit YOUR true money energy.

2. Empaths are an advertiser’s wet dream. We are easily manipulated through emotions, so throw a puppy or a happy ending in the ad, and we’re sold! We also feel the lack emotions that others who watch the ad or see the products are feeling. AGH!

3. We see through the money manipulation, and we HATE it, even while we feel powerless to do anything about it. This often leads to a subconscious rejection of money as an entire system, creating dysfunctional energy cords.

Yet I believe we are truly the most qualified to handle money wisely.

Money is energy.

Energy is our JAM, as Empaths! So money should be no different. I get it, that’s not your everyday reality right now… and sometimes it’s not mine either. Like right now. My exact bank balance is $0.11.

But as an Empath who has learned to use my sensitivity to MANIFEST, I know that the emptiness in my bank account is for the purpose of expanding how much I’m willing to receive. And I feel zero panic.

What is this sorcery, you ask?

It’s Money Magic for Empaths! We can’t earn, make, create, or receive money in the same way the majority of humans do. It just doesn’t feel good, and it’s a half-assed use of our energy.

Principles of Money Magic for Empaths:

  • How you FEEL about money is how you will receive it. This means if you feel depressed about money, your pile of physical resources gets squashed. If you’re panicked about not having enough, emergent bills and disasters will show up to swallow every penny of panic money. (EEK!)
  • CHANGING how you feel about money will 100% change how much money can get to you. Joy is an energy of massive expansion, so joy about money flips the magnetism from money leaking out to money flowing in!
  • Your feelings are powerful creators. Use them wisely!

At every point, even when an advertiser is using emotional connection to sell you a product, you have a CHOICE about what you attatch to the emotional connection.

Will you join in with everyone who feels a subconscious and deep longing and lack, and frustration around money?

Or will you choose to connect your emotional energy directly to your Source of Abundance… the Infinite Universe?!

I have found that walking through a department store during the holiday season often induces panic attacks and very intense feelings of lack for myself and other Empaths.

Lack is a selling tool used by all marketers, year-round… including some Spiritual professionals, in order to prompt us to buy. It can reach overwhelming proportions here in the U.S. at Christmas, but it’s not always used inappropriately.

When someone points out that a service or product will benefit you, that’s a helpful use of “lack.” It simply points out an awareness, and offers it to you. It may be offered to you many many times before you see its value, but eventually you do, and your life improves.

Unfortunately, most marketing is aggressive in nature. It deliberately switches your emotional triggers in order to heighten or even falsely create your need for the product. THIS is the distinction we must have as Empaths in order to maintain clear and empowered use of our money energy!

One of the best ways to do this is to connect your feelings and emotions around money, a specific purchase, or a bill that needs to be paid, with your Future Self. Ask her what feeling SHE has about money, the item you want to purchase, or your rent payment.

Remember, your Future Self already exists, and she has 20/20 hindsight on your situation right now. She’s already been through it. Ask her for advice, and watch the Money Magic flourish!

And my own $0.11 bank balance? My Future Self is laughing and showing me how I had to empty the account so it could upgrade and hold more. MUCH, MUCH MORE!

I can be without panic because I FEEL my Future Self and the abundance she lives in. And my Future Self is becoming my NOW self.

So let’s take a leap of faith together, and make some Money Magic!

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