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Happy Planetary New Year! 

Every year around July 25th, things get a little… intense. In case you haven’t noticed it already, teehee! There’s an energetic reason for that. July 25th is known in energetic and ascension communities as “The Day Out Of Time,” or the “Planetary New Year.”

But what does that mean in everyday language, and why is the new year in the middle of our year?!

As simply as I can put it, the Planetary New Year is when we collapse time. That’s why it feels so weird! Everything we think we know is shifting and changing. The Day Out of Time is the energy limbo period while the shifts take place. Also, in about 2 weeks, on August 8th, the Lion’s Gate Portal opens and waves of high vibration energy flood the earth to suport us.

Basically, we are combining our past with our future, letting go of what obviously doesn’t fit, in preparation for the BIG UPDATE.

Lion’s Gate is like that massive iOS update that freezes your phone for 4 hours and drives you nuts. You know it’s gonna be great once it’s installed, and you can’t wait to play with the new features, but dangit you’re impatient! Also, a little worried that the update will crash everything. More about Lion’s Gate in another post.

We (me, my HigherSelf and my Guides) want to clarify a bit about “collapsing time.” We realize this idea might be a bit scary for some, as you have seen and heard many doom and gloom predictions about the end of time.

The first the you need to know about ALL of these energy shifts, updates, and the entire process of “ascension” is that it’s really just you expanding your awareness to be able to comprehend how magnificent you are. You ARE the Universe… that’s why we call it the YOUniverse. You are eternal, and timeless.

So when we say that we are collapsing time, or bringing past and present into the same time cycle, we mean that we are helping you become aware of more of yourself and your experiences at once. Perhaps a more accurate term would be “time assimilation.” You are uniting personal cycles into a more unified self. In order to do this, you must let go of everything you hold in awareness that is not Universal Truth.

This means that often, the Planetary New Year can feel very uncomfortable to those who aren’t aware of what is happening, but who are very sensitive to their energy and intuition. These portals and energy waves can be quite gentle, loving, and nourishing, when you are aware of them and flow with them rather than fighting the feelings and thoughts that surface with them.

This Planetary New Year cycle is extra potent. Some of these cycles are more directed to healers, intuitives, and Lightworkers, to assist them in their role of bringing mass consciousness into Universal awareness. This wave of energetic shifting and “time assimilation,” is for, and felt by every being on this planet!

That’s why it’s SO intense for some of you right now. If you haven’t yet mastered your skills as an empath so you are NOT feeling others energies and emotions, this will be especially uncomfortable. You don’t have to feel anyone but you, and if you need assistance learning to use your empathic abilities, click the button at the bottom to join the High-Vibe Goddess Tribe.


So WHY is all this Planetary New Year stuff now, not in January?

All of this energetic alignment and wisdom we gain from the 25th/26th of July and 8th of August portals have been known about since ancient Egyptian times. These events coincide with the rising of the star Sirius with the early morning sun, as well as the flooding of the Nile River, and subsequent abundance.

Many cultures throughout our human history have referred to this time as the “Beginning of a New Cycle” in Earth’s evolution, and the evolution of Humanity.

Tomorrow, on July 26th, we begin a New Cycle, where we as a collective Divine Human race, we will step off the wheel of karma, or learning through duality, and begin to live in a Unified energy field of knowing our Truth.

This may not look perfectly complete when we awake tomorrow, however! While in the etheric plane, everything happens in an instant, in the densities of earth, it takes longer. Yet, it takes far less time than ever before, because more and more of you beautiful Souls are joining in with your loving intentions and joyful spirit of giving!

Know that any chaos remaining in your reality is simply being “spun out in the rinse cycle” as the wheel of karma agreement comes to an end.

For millenia humankind has confined itself to a wheel of re-living the same experiences over and over from every angle, in hopes of finding resolution, absolution, and freedom.

In Truth, we need not dissect our experiences to find out what “went wrong.” We simply must remember that if something went wrong, it was because we forgot who we ARE, which is limitless Spirit, and have confined ourselves to absolving a false judgment. For many of us, this has spanned LIFETIMES.

As you experience this shifting of energy and time cycles, you may feel a bit dizzy or woozy. This is an effect of identifying with something in the wheel of karma as “yours,” or your “responsibility.”

Your only responsibility is to remember who you are, lovingly release all illusions binding you to the wheel, and move into the center point, where the entire YOUniverse revolves around your thoughts, beliefs, and choices.

What will you think and choose today?! Let me know in the comments below!



5 tips to flow with the intensity during these shifts:


  1. Honor and validate all your emotions, even those you often judge as “negative.”
  2. Spend lots of time in nature/meditating/clearing your energy field.
  3. Self-forgiveness of anything you regret that’s surfacing. You did your best.
  4. Give yourself permission to feel “off” or “weird” during this time. You’re evolving!
  5. Stay focused on your Truth, and the joyful, passionate


Did all that and still feel like crappola?

I’m here to help. I’ve been consciously using these massive cosmic energy shifts to springboard my personal and spiritual development into new dimensions for 11+ years. I know the ins and outs of what all the inner voices of doubt say to confuse you, and how to tame the weird, wild as f*ck emotions and energies that make following your guidance feel like a joke.

If you’re ready to step off your wheel of karma and free yourself to CREATE with YOUniversal power, I want to be your new BFF, and walk with you every step of the way! I have 7 spots available in my Energy Expansion mentoring package right now, and one of them is for you, I can feel it!

I know that if this is the right opportunity for you, the call in your Soul has already been whispering to you that it’s time to find someone to light a fire under your bum and give you the Truth with exactly zero BS.

Is that you? Message me on Facebook RIGHT NOW!


What are YOU feeling during this Day Out of Time and Planetary New Year shift?
Drop me a line in the comments!



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