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The winds of change are blowing…

By August 11, we won’t even recognize ourselves or the world we live in anymore.
In a good way… for most of us!


The eclipse portal, between July 27 and August 11 2018, is a time of massive collective change and transformation.

Solar eclipses are about transformation for leaders, rulers, spiritual teachers, etc.

Lunar eclipses, like we just had, set into motion a wave of collective transformation, for the “common people.” This often causes chaos for us Spiritual leaders and healers as well, because we empathically feel what’s going on.

However, this is also the perfect time to step into a higher vibration of your spiritual mission and purpose.

Mercury and Mars are also in retrograde, giving us a powerful 1-2 punch of IDGAF, I’m going to DO THIS (Mars) and the clicking into place of finalizing and completing your intentions for your life purpose and mission (Mercury).

During this Eclipse Window, we have an opportunity to review the plans and intentions we’ve made, connect them to our deepest passion, and do the thing!

On August 11, the Eclipse Window closes, with a second eclipse, this time, Solar.

What does that mean in real talk?

That means that YOU, as a healer, a psychic, a channel, a spiritual teacher, a divine artist… YOU are being called to step up now.

Start your business. Take your purpose to the next level. Expand into new territory. Come out of the “woo-woo closet.”

This is the time to be courageous and let Truth rip itself from your heart and flow from your lips with Divine ferocity.

The winds of change are blowing, and YOU are needed to help direct the flow of energy to where it is needed – to heal, to transform, and to GROW.

As you step into these expanded roles of leadership and Divine service, a space for wild abundance opens up for you.

The 8-8 Lion’s Gate on August 8th is a time of extreme abundance. Energy, resources, money all come into focus and powerful flow.

This is the month to ask “what great things can I finally complete, or be open to receiving?”

This is the time for extreme self-care as well. Our Divine service flows naturally from being well supported and cared for ourselves.

Receive your Divine support in the form of money, helpful friends, new opportunities, and easy blessings in everything this month.

Need some help staying open to the flow of abundance?

The #MoneyGoddessChallenge starts August 8th, and is 100% free, high-vibe, and abundant. Join your sisters in discovering your inner #MoneyGoddess!

Join the MoneyGoddessChallenge

As we continue through the month, we will have ample opportunities to heal, to grow, and most of all, to stand in our power.

This can be uncomfortable at times, but ultimately, it’s what you’ve been asking for all year long. Your manifestations are coming to fruition, and you will have to stretch a bit to make space to receive them.

So the beginning of the month is all about the powerful “put your foot down” moment, where you say ENOUGH to the old paradigms, and open up the floodgates to the Universe.

The rest of the month may feel a little like trying to keep up on a treadmill that’s going faster than you’re used to. Don’t give up!

Trust that you have gained the strength and endurance through the beginning of the year, and particularly the beginning of the month, to sustain you. You are about to reach new heights of joy, satisfaction, and success.

Above all, August is a month to do what you feel. Follow your heart, your intuition, and unleash your power! The world has been waiting for you.



Got some shit to clear?

This eclipse window is going to drag you into the spotlight of your own Divine purpose and mission. If you’re not quite ready for that, or have some fear around using your abilities as your career, this time can be very uncomfortable.

Literally, the doubts, fears, and resistance you feel towards living your purpose is being peeled off. If you’re feeling confused, challenged, or even traumatized by this experience of Universal “graduation,” I would love to walk with you through the process and make it a little more comfortable.

We’ll use healing energy, messages from your Guides, and direct Inspired action steps to solve your questions and problems, and “scrub” the illusions off your shiny Soul!


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