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In a fit of rage, pain and heartbreak, I pulled all my Akashic record books detailing lifetimes of experience… and I burned them.

The weight of dysfunctional relationship patterns is heavy, and I’m done. I’m so done with that shit. The Akashic Records is the place I go when I want to rewrite something in my life.

Of course the Records can help you do so much more – gain new perspectives on a situation you don’t understand, learn about your Soul’s journey, explore past lives…

The Akashic Records are the ‘historical’ reference library of every human experience in every lifetime, from every perspective, in every timeline and dimension of reality. It contains the past, the present, and will record the future as we create it.

I’ve always been a bit of a rebel, and though I adore books, and would never burn one IRL (in real life, for those of us over 30), when I have a story I want to transform, I go to the Akashic Records and I burn the book that contains the story. 

Then I take a new, fresh book, and use my ‘ink’ of golden light to write a story that includes a happier outcome, transformation, and peace. To be truly honest, I kind of let the new story write itself…

I discovered years ago that I don’t know what would make me happy.

If I knew, I would have gotten it already, and I wouldn’t still be seeking. So I must not know, and I need to ask the Universe to teach me what would make me happy.

So I use the ink of light and ask to write a story that involves happiness and peace for everyone involved. It’s a nice ritual to help me let go of things I’ve been really wound up about.

Nothing gets me as wound up as a love story that includes losing the one I adore.

Yet that seems to be what I’m processing emotionally right now. The love I discovered and that lit my sky is now in confusion and uncertainty. I’ve been in a full on state of panic, extreme emotional distress, and quite frankly, triggered as fuck about everything.

And I’m so FUCKING DONE with it.

“Every love, every relationship, everyone and everything I have cared about has been taken away from me,” my old story says. “Everyone will eventually leave me. Love never lasts. I have to crush it with my passion, squeeze the juice out of it, and consume the love as quickly as possible before it can leave me.”

This is the story I read over and over and over again in the Records hall a few nights ago.

Not just every story of my Soul’s journey…

But specifically in every story of my Soul meeting this other Soul. Every. Single. One.

I got MAD. Proper raging lunatic angry. I stomped around my home cursing myself, my past, my patterns, this pain and heartache… I let it all fly.

It didn’t help. Not nearly enough.

So I burned the books. I pulled each one off the shelf… every time I’ve ever encountered this love, this Soul, this pattern of love and loss… and I threw each one into a roaring fire and burned it until smoke and ash were dissipating into thin air, nothing left of our past romances.

Dramatic much?

Yes, yes, I know. 😂 But guess what… it worked.

The intensity and overwhelm I’ve been living in started to lift. It’s not all sunshine and roses all day long yet. I still cry and feel suckerpunched in the gut when I think of it again. I still doubt and question and start to circle round and round in my mind at times.

I don’t feel like I’m sparkly again yet, but the energy is moving in that direction. 

Most importantly, I’m writing a new story. Until I burned the books that held the vibration of a very thoroughly told and experienced story of heartache, loss, and longing, I couldn’t even imagine the new story. It seemed like a fake ass fairy tale that could never be mine.


We all have old stories. Stories about ourselves, about others, about our relationships, about what we are meant to do to be happy and successful.

In my experience, NONE of these stories actually get us what we want. Most of us don’t have a clue what our true desires are, because we’ve been so blinded by experiences of settling for less.


So I’m opening this question up to you… 
What stories do you have that could use a good book burning? 

Leave me a comment in the box below and tell me about the stories that have turned to nightmares.  Are you ready to burn them up?


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If you have stories, patterns, belief systems, and past lives that are holding you back and driving you mad, let’s burn them up.

Isn’t it time for a new story?

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Hi there, my name is Isis, and I help sensitive women elevate their lives by eliminating self-sabotage, even if they’re feeling completely stuck!

I have mastered the art of f*cking up, and I’m an expert at energy magic (aka Reiki). My superpower is taking the aftermath of a terrible idea and making a miracle out of it. The only thing I love more than transforming my own piles of poop is helping bada$$ rule-breaking women slay their own limitations and set their Soul free to SHINE! When it comes to the valley of shadows you fear, I’ve got your back. We’ll turn it ALL into magic. Wand optional, but fun as hell!
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