Oh shit.

 There you are, trembling with fear, a pit gnawing at your belly, hot and cold chills running across your skin, stomach clenching like you’re about to have an embarrassing accident in your pants.


It doesn’t matter if you’re afraid of falling from a great height, not being able to make enough money, or losing your partner…


The mental, emotional, and physical effects are the same.


Every moment you spend in fear,  , and actively occurring. The stress response is enormous, and exhausting.


Gritting your teeth and pushing through requires superhero strength.


So how does a spiritual badass walk through a world of fear with the peace of heaven holding her safe?


Answer: You turn and face the fear.


Because in case you weren’t aware – ignoring your fears makes them manifest more and more physically and powerfully until you fully face them. 




How about we learn to face the fears and transform our lives…


All while keeping our underpants dry and comfy.


Here’s my process. It might work a little differently for you, but these basic guidelines will get you started perceiving you’re fears differently.


Have you ever heard the acronym for fear…


F alse

E vidence

A ppearing

R eal


Your fear is simply a collection of false beliefs about yourself or the world that are appearing as real and freaking you out.


Step 1: Face the fear.


This means identifying what you fear, rather than avoiding it through distraction and self comfort techniques. By all means comfort yourself as you face the fear, but don’t stuff it underneath comfort food and cozy blankets.


In identifying the fear, try to notice what the belief is about yourself or the world that makes the situation so scary.


Generally, this will be the strongest negative thought you have rubbing on loop.


For example, if you regularly fear losing your job, the thoughts on loop are usually something like “I’m not doing well enough at my job, no one likes me, I’m a burden to others, one little mistake and they’ll fire me… etc.”


Can you see the beliefs about yourself being displayed here?


Next, remind yourself that this information is FALSE and is not telling you anything true about yourself. This may feel very scary, as you don’t yet have new self beliefs to replace the old ones with.


I like to remind myself of the TRUTH in these circumstances…


That the Universe/God has guaranteed my happiness, and this terror is not happy, so it must be false and getting in the way of God blessing me.


Make sense? How are you doing so far?


Take some time to write down an inventory of your current fears, what they say about you and the world… and then affirm that they are false information.


Step 2: Emotional Honesty


These bits of false evidence may FEEL very real, and I don’t want to dismiss that. Your feelings of fear are real, but they are persisting because of false information.


So as you identify the fears and affirm the Truth instead, emotions will arise. Feelings of sadness for how long you’ve lived in fear. Feelings of hopelessness fro, years of nothing ever changing. Feelings of anxiety that this process won’t work and if anything, the fear will get worse from facing it…


The feelings that surface will be intense and will need a lot of safe space for you to allow them to flow. That’s why the fear had been stuck in your body sensations… the energy of your emotions isn’t flowing through, it’s sitting inside you on a repeating loop.


Just like your brain thoughts, your emotional thoughts get stuck on loop too. If you have felt unworthy, not good enough, like all your best efforts turned to failure, these emotions are going to sit and cycle until you identify them as false and let them flow through.


This is about identifying and releasing false emotional information.


My favorite exercise for this step is EFT Tapping. after identifying the stuck emotions, you can tap on accupressure points while identifying the emotion, acknowledging it is not true, and choosing to let it flow through your system and be replaced with the feeling of your Truth.


What does your Truth feel like?


Peace. Lightness. Intuition. Clarity. Being Guided.


I know you have felt these qualities at some point in your life. Can you recall those feelings now? Let these sensations fill your mind and body, affirming that your natural state is one of peace and inner spiritual connection.


Once you have identified and tapped through the emotions related to the false belief systems, you’re ready to choose your Happy Outcome!


Step 3: Affirm a Happy Outcome in the situation.


This means choosing a very general intention, to give God/the Universe the space to shift things for you, beyond your own wisdom and ability to know what you need.


As you affirm that you choose a Happy Outcome in place of false evidence and painful feelings, you can focus on the things that HAVE brought you peace and joy in the past, and acknowledge what that vibration feels like.


Now that your body remembers the feeling of a Happy Outcome, you can remind yourself to replace old feeling sensations with the True feeling sensations of a Happy Outcome for yourself, and all involved.




Let inspiration flow and take action on joy, but do not plan or try to control your movement forward.


You will not see every step at the outset. Trust that it will be revealed to you in happy and exciting ways. 


If it’s not peaceful, compelling, light and joyful, it is not part of your Happy Outcome, it is false evidence. Let it go and affirm the Happy Outcome again!


Step 4: Rinse and Repeat


Your belief in false information has become a habit. Your new habit of peace and joy will take repetition to become your automatic process when facing fears and challenges.


Every time tension and anxiety rise in your body, it is a sign that false evidence is appearing real, and this process needs to be run again until you’re back in peaceful, joyful alignment with your Truth.


Most people get frustrated with the constant recurrence of the fear feelings, and give up before they fully shift the habit.


You’ve got to keep going like a true badass. Channel your frustration into powerful choices for your Truth, instead of letting the frustration control you.


This is the point where having a coach, mentor, or healer to support you will drastically speed up the process, as they can help you stay on track through the entire process of shifting the thought and feeling loops.


I have my mentoring clients start and end the day with this process, and guide them to apply it in specific instances of fear throughout the day.


If you’d like to explore having support as you learn to face your fears like a badass, please schedule a FREE consultation. I would LOVE to help you create a strategy to walk through your fears like the powerful badass I know you are!


Before you know it, you’ll be walking through fears like it’s no big thing, even when you’re so scared you think you’ll shit your pants.


Fear is only scary if you don’t know how to face it.


When you have a process to neutralize any fear, any time, you can face whatever arises in your life with confidence.


Let’s review the steps to go from fear to freedom…

F ace it – avoiding fear strengthens it

E motional honesty – process and hold space for your feelings and reactions

A ffirm a Happy Outcome – set the intention to have peace in place of the fear

R inse and Repeat – keep going, don’t give in to the false evidence


Got it?


I’d love to hear how this process helps you, so be sure to leave a comment below with your biggest aha’s and breakthroughs!


Again, I would love to support you as you face your fears and learn to use this process without even thinking about it. 


Click HERE to chat with me about your fears and get a clear strategy to move through them and back to being a badass.


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