who am i?

I always believed in miracles…

Mostly because I needed one myself.

I was born and raised a devout Mennonite, in a conservative community of right-wing homeschool families. I was a highly sensitive and psychic child, but my gifts were feared as evil. Every day was filled with religious indoctrination that physically hurt me – heart and soul.

As soon as I could, I left everything I knew behind and set off to explore the big world. By the time I was 26, I realized that the isolation, cognitive dissonance, and traumatic abuse from my childhood had left me with severe PTSD, multiple personalities, and a sense of spiritual misery so deep I feared I’d never surface. Behind the bright hair and wide smile in this photo, I was extremely suicidal. I didn’t know how to function normally.

I tried everything from quitting my stressful nursing job, to receiving weekly massages, to learning Reiki and practicing self-healing with energy. It helped. Meditation helped. Exercise helped. Studying A Course in Miracles helped.  But nothing really worked.

One night, at the end of my rope, I walked down to the beach near my home in California, intent on walking into the sea and never returning.

But that wasn’t in god’s plan.

When I reached the water’s edge, I couldn’t walk in. An Angel stood there, blocking my way. I was filled with a rage that shook me from head to toe, and I took off running down the beach, as fast as I could. I ran until I was tired, and then I ran harder. I ran until I fell face first into the wet sand, my tears mixing with the waves, my teeth clenching sandy grit, in angry surrender.

The Angel was still there.

“How many times will you try to end what is eternal?” the Angel asked. “You cannot lose your life. Even when you kill your body, your life is eternal. YOU WILL NEVER DIE.”

“Then give me a solution,” I screamed out loud. A group of teenage seagulls laughed at my shouting and strutted by, shrieking insults at my tantrum. “I’m so tired of this pain. Even the seagulls are making fun of me. Why do you make me suffer?”

“It’s YOU that is choosing to suffer, my child. Will you let me show you something new?”


That night by the ocean, everything changed. Something inside me broke open just enough to allow my Guidance back in. I had been following my intuition the best that I could since leaving my old life behind, but my fears kept me dancing with doubt. HOW could I trust the spiritual reality of love and goodness, when my life has shown me everything else?

Then I saw the Angel again.

I was searching the internet for a Hypnotherapy teacher. My mind was refusing to leave me in peace, so I thought maybe I could re-train it. I clicked on a link for Hypnosis training, and immediately I saw the Angel from the beach, standing behind/with the teacher in the photo, almost like they were the same being. I looked at the name of the school:

The Miracle Center of California.

I don’t know if you pay attention to signs or not, but I do. I usually see things 3 times if they’re meant for me. This was the third time I saw the Angel, and I knew I had to listen. So I sent an email, and signed up for the course.

It seemed everything in the world was conspiring against me though. I needed to take a 3 hour bus ride each way to go to my 10 hour class every day. The teacher needed to change the date of the course to a week that wouldn’t suit my schedule. But I was desperate, and cried out to the Angel who led me there to “just do something, PLEASE! I can’t suffer any more. I’m done.”

I received an email back from the teacher. She was running the course… for me and one other person… as scheduled. On the first day of class, she explained that she had never done the whole course for only two people before. But every time she prayed about it, she was clearly guided to hold the course for just the two of us. To this day I am humbled in gratitude to her trust in the Divine.

My first day of class, I didn’t know what to expect. I just knew that I had been led there to heal my hurting heart, confused mind, and find some sense of peace in my heart. To my dismay, the closer I got to the teacher’s home, where the class was held, the more anxious and uncomfortable I felt. It was like bugs crawling under my skin, and I couldn’t control my thoughts.

By the time I was seated in the living room, ready for class to start, I was a mass of chaotic energy. My teacher took one look at me, and began what I now know was a “therapeutic conversation,” to give me the space to unburden the fears and heavy energy I was carrying. Before I knew it, I was sobbing my heart out, and finally sharing the secrets of childhood sexual abuse, guilt, and shame I had been holding onto for 25 years.

She led me through an EFT Tapping sequence to clear the pain and traumatic experiences from my nervous system, while gently hypnotizing my mind to let go of the memories, and start perceiving myself differently – whole, happy, and free of my past.

In 45 minutes, my life was changed forever.

The MIRACLE, my friend, is that no matter what shitty circumstances you’ve experienced, or what chaos or discomfort you are in… there is an end to the suffering. You don’t have to carry those burdens any longer.

Once free of the past, it’s time to create!

When I was a little girl, on a beach vacation, I proclaimed loudly, “When I grow up, I’m going to live on VACATION!”  Everyone laughed at me, because “it’s not possible.” But I knew I wanted a life of freedom, fun, and going with the flow of energy around me. That’s what vacation feels like, and I wanted it every day!

But I know now that if my pain and trauma could heal in 45 minutes, ANYTHING is possible. So I decided to create a business helping other overwhelmed healers, psychics, and sensitive women, that I could do from anywhere in the world. So I could live on vacation, here in sunny Maui, Hawaii.

You see, whatever is in your deepest heart is a GUARANTEED outcome for you. But you have to get your own fears, limited beliefs, and overloaded emotions out of the way first. It might take more than 45 minutes. But a happy outcome is guaranteed, so all you have to lose is struggle and suffering.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I will change myself.”


The key to miraculous healing is not found in some complicated equation or ritual. It is very simply, the act of looking within yourself to find and accept the eternal, changeless truth… you are whole and complete, created to experience joy.

I spent many years looking outside myself for answers, which only provided temporary relief. Now, I walk side by side with you as we practice turning inward to embrace our divine radiance.

The world is a reflection of YOU. If you want to change the world, you must start by changing your own perceptions, so you can see a more clear mirror of your Truth reflected back to you.

This process is disorienting at best. That’s why it’s so important to have a friend, a coach, a mentor, a healer… someone in your corner who can remind you of the divine Truth when the shifting in your mind induces fear.

I’m here for you. Let’s shift this shit, so your world can reflect the beauty I see in you!

and i love making an impact

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