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This website, and the information, advice, and solutions presented here are in no way intended as medical treatment, legal advice, or a promise of a cure. I (Isis Arjeta) am an Energy Healer and Intuitive Spiritual Counselor. I work with spiritual and energetic healing, and am not a licensed medical professional. All energy healing sessions, certifications, and other offerings are considered holistic health support, and are intended to be used in tandem with professional medical care. Please consult your medical doctor and other caregivers about any and all Reiki, EFT, Hypnosis, Spiritual Counseling, Angelic Healing, and any other holistic health support you may receive, from me or any other practitioner.


All claims, testimonials, and reviews on this website that refer to miraculous cures, instantaneous healing, and other sensational results, while they are true and accurately reported, are not typical or guaranteed results.

Energy healing is very safe and natural, working with the continuous flow of electromagnetic energy in your body. It has the effect of increasing relaxation, reducing stress, and greatly minimizing or relieving pain and discomfort in a variety of circumstances like injury or illness. 

Reiki is an effective form of energy healing that is unaffiliated with any religious practice, and supports the body, mind and spirit in its natural healing processes. You could say Reiki “speeds up” the natural, inevitable healing process of the body.

EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is also known as Tapping, and has been shown to be extremely effective at reducing or eliminating the physical, mental, and emotional sensations of stress, pain, overwhelm, bad habits, and an endless list of common and frustrating issues. Tapping the fingertips gently on energy meridians like those used in acupuncture allow the nervous system to discharge the excess energy, and return to a calm, peaceful sensation in the mind, emotions, and body.

Hypnosis can be a wonderful state of mental relaxation, in which changing your habits, supporting positive thinking, and encouraging healthy personal growth is exponentially more easy and effective. Imagine changing your thoughts… before you think them! 

Spiritual Counseling is a form of religious or spiritual therapy, where the problems and frustrations of life are met with honesty, compassion, and an openness to discover a higher perception or solution to life’s challenges. Intuitive or psychic messages, energy healing, prayer, and spiritual concepts infuse the conversations during a Spiritual Counseling session. It highly complements professional psychotherapy.

 Angelic Healing is another form of energetic healing that is somewhat more like healing through prayer. Calling on the Angels to assist in supporting physical, mental, or emotional health can result in profound healing and miraculous experiences.

Guided Meditation helps the mind quiet, and the body regulate its systems, improving physical health exponentially, in as little as 10 minutes a day. Most of my Guided Meditations are also Hypnotic in quality, and should not be listened to while driving a vehicle or operating machinery.

While energy healing and the holistic health therapies listed above have resulted in miraculous and instantaneous healing and cures for myself and a variety of clients, you should know that these are atypical results, and are not a claim or guarantee of your results. These services and modalities are NOT a substitute for medical or mental health care. Holistic and alternative healthcare, aka Energy Healing is meant to compliment, support, and assist your medical and mental healthcare, and work with your current healthcare providers.