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Day 1 Activate the #MoneyGoddess

Activity: Create Your #MoneyAltar

A sacred #MoneyAltar is a fantastic way to connect with the #MoneyGoddess, and amplify the flow of spiritual money energy in your home, your body, and all parts of your life. It can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like.

A small table, shelf, or part of your desk would be ideal for creating your altar. Start by cleaning the area of any dust or dirt, and gathering items you’d like to use for your altar. USE YOUR INTUITION.

You might like to include items such as: crystals, candles, statues or photos of deities you follow or who help money flow in particular (Lakshmi, Ganesha, Fortuna, etc.), coins, cash, sacred mementos, prayer beads, jewelry you’d like to charge with abundance… whatever you feel guided to include in your altar is perfect for you.

The key is for this space to FEEL like a positive, fast flow of money and blessings in your life.

Here is a photo of my abundance altar, which I’ll show you in detail on our LIVE call in the group this evening!


Meet the #MoneyGoddess Meditation

by Isis Arjeta | #MoneyGoddessChallenge

WOW! How are you doing, #MoneyGoddess?

Hop on over to the Elevate Your Energy! Facebook Group to share photos of your #MoneyAltar, catch the live video class, and connect with your #MoneyGoddessSisters. I just know some magic has happened for you, and we wanna hear all about it!

Your #MoneyGoddessChallenge Leader…

Isis Arjeta

Isis Arjeta

Money Reiki GrandMaster

Isis has mastered the art energy healing and is an expert in practical magic, aka Reiki. She is raw, real and down to earth while channeling a Divine Presence that shifts your energy, even from the other side of the world. Every moment with her is an adventure in creating new possibilities!