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Day 2:

Clear The Blocks

Activity: Tap Away the Money Blocks


Money blocks are NO FUN! In fact, you may have been avoiding doing this money healing work because you’re afraid to encounter these emotions and feelings. Money is so necessary in our everyday lives, that when we have a problem receiving enough, or we feel yucky about it, we tend to AVOID money altogether.

It’s easier to be broke than to face the feelings that are limiting your flow of financial abundance.

But today, you get to tap into your power as the #MoneyGoddess, and clear away the blocks with this powerful EFT Tapping video. EFT Tapping helps you clear the physical and emotional energies trapped in your body, so you can finally feel FREE!

And wow, look how much my hair has grown in the last two years! 😮





Unblock the #MoneyGoddess - Meditation

by Isis Arjeta | #MoneyGoddessChallenge

WOW! How are you doing, #MoneyGoddess?

Hop on over to the Elevate Your Energy! Facebook Group to share your experience with Unblocking the #MoneyGoddess, catch the live video class, and connect with your #MoneyGoddessSisters. I just know some magic has happened for you, and we wanna hear all about it!

Your #MoneyGoddessChallenge Leader…

Isis Arjeta

Isis Arjeta

Money Reiki GrandMaster

Isis has mastered the art energy healing and is an expert in practical magic, aka Reiki. She is raw, real and down to earth while channeling a Divine Presence that shifts your energy, even from the other side of the world. Every moment with her is an adventure in creating new possibilities!