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Day 3:

Open to Receive

Activity: Clean + Clear Space For Money!


If you want to receive more money, you’re going to have to make space for it!

Unfortunately, most of us tend to fill in our energetic spaces with vibrations we are comfortable with. If you’re used to feeling stressed, frustrated, or upset about money, you will unconsciously hold onto things that make you feel this way.

Examples include: piles of receipts in your wallet or on your desk, unopened bills you can’t pay, household items or clothing you no longer like but feel it would be wasteful to replace, to-do lists you’ve never completed, projects you’ll start someday, unfinished laundry, dirty dishes in the sink, and unmade beds. These are some of the most common ways we punish ourselves energetically by filling up our energy space with familiar vibration, instead of focusing on the ones we’d rather have instead.

Usually, this is simply an attempt to minimize the discomfort of feeling like the goal is impossible to fully achieve. So you might be tempted to dissociate a bit, and blame the chaos around you for why you never get the money you want.

But it’s really a matter of being open to RECEIVE.

Being truly open to receive is a bit scary, if you’re not used to it. You might feel like embarrassment and failure are imminent, who are you to think that this will happen for you, and it’s all too risky, so you might as well quit.

This is why cleaning and clearing up space to RECEIVE is so important! When your home and life are clean and clear for energy to flow through easily, you can see those doubts for what they are – false evidence appearing real – or fear. Then you can make a different choice, one that feels lighter and brighter.

So today, choose one item or space you’d like to clear. Yesterday you cleared your own body and emotions with the Tapping video. Today you will clear your wallet, a room of the house, or a closet… maybe even your car. Choose the item or space that feels the heaviest and most ready to shift into a higher vibration!


Steps for the Clean + Clear Activity:

1. Choose what you will clean (wallet, desk, etc.), and set a time you’ll have it done by.

2. Make it fun. Light candles or incense, play some music, make it a happy event.

3. Pull everything out at once, and sort through it quickly. If the vibe is light, keep it. If it’s heavy, put it on a throw away pile.

4. If something feels heavy but you must keep it, hold it in your hands while asking the Angels to change your experience of this item, or what it represents for you.

5. Throw away and shred all old bills/bank statements/etc that are collecting energy. Keep only the most recent items.

6. Organize your papers, cards, personal items, etc. in a way that feels light and abundant to you.

7. Clean the area (dust, wipe with a rag, etc.) well, in preparation for regular use.

8. Place only what is needed back in the area. In your wallet, keep only essentials. On your desk, only essentials. Get used to open, clear space around you!

9. Bless the space you have cleared, and ask the Universe to increase your flow of money through this open, clear space.

#MoneyGoddess Mindset Magic - Meditation

by Isis Arjeta | #MoneyGoddessChallenge

WOW! How are you doing, #MoneyGoddess?

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Your #MoneyGoddessChallenge Leader…

Isis Arjeta

Isis Arjeta

Money Reiki GrandMaster

Isis has mastered the art energy healing and is an expert in practical magic, aka Reiki. She is raw, real and down to earth while channeling a Divine Presence that shifts your energy, even from the other side of the world. Every moment with her is an adventure in creating new possibilities!