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Day 4:

Magnetic Money

Activity: Make a #MoneyMagnet!

  1. Choose an item you will see, wear, or use often. 
  2. Your computer, if you use it for business, makes an excellent #MoneyMagnet.
  3. A crystal, or piece of jewelry works quite well, as do photos and other meaningful mementos. 
  4. Wear, hold, or connect with your #MoneyMagnet item while watching the Activation video. (above)
  5.  Acknowledge that YOU are also a #MoneyMagnet, along with your item.
  6. Relax, and focus your thoughts on magnetic money!
  7. Listen to the meditation (below) to continue the benefits of this activation.

#MoneyGoddess Magnets - Meditation

by Isis Arjeta | #MoneyGoddessChallenge

WOW! How are you doing, #MoneyGoddess?

Hop on over to the Elevate Your Energy! Facebook Group to share your #MoneyMagnet experiences, catch the live video class, and connect with your #MoneyGoddessSisters. I just know some magic has happened for you, and we wanna hear all about it!

Your #MoneyGoddessChallenge Leader…

Isis Arjeta

Isis Arjeta

Money Reiki GrandMaster

Isis has mastered the art energy healing and is an expert in practical magic, aka Reiki. She is raw, real and down to earth while channeling a Divine Presence that shifts your energy, even from the other side of the world. Every moment with her is an adventure in creating new possibilities!