The Shocking Reason Reiki Is So Dangerous

A sweet, well-meaning lady in flowing robes has probably at some point eased your fears about Reiki (a form of energy healing, if you haven’t met this robed mystic yet) by saying something like: “Oh honey, Reiki could never hurt you, it only helps and...
What to expect when receiving Reiki

What to expect when receiving Reiki

Will you be receiving Reiki in person or from a distance? I will outline what to expect for both types of sessions. Please let us know in the comments below if you have further questions that we  can answer for you in future posts.  In-Person Reiki Session:...
What to expect when receiving Reiki

Reiki Protection from Energy Vampires

  Reiki is a “wooden stake” to Energy Vampires   If you’ve ever had a run-in with an energy vampire, you know how icky it feels. You need to learn how to protect yourself from energy vampires! Here’s how it goes: You’re having a...

Stop Saying You’re “Doing Reiki!”

…. REALLY, you’re not. Are you qualified to be “Doing Reiki?” Before you can practice Reiki for yourself or others, you must study with a qualified Reiki Master/Teacher. There are many available, locally or online. If you are a Certified Reiki...
What to expect when receiving Reiki

Reiki Frequently Asked Questions

  What is Reiki?   Reiki is a Japanese technique of Energy Healing. The characters at left are the Japanese letters or ‘kanji’ that spell Rei-ki. It’s meaning is: The Universal Life-Force flowing through. Reiki is the practice of opening energy...

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