“We’re all just walking each other home”

~Ram Das.

All healing and enlightenment comes from within you.
But before the Light of divine grace dawns, you may walk through a dark night of the Soul.

I’m here to listen to you vent, dry your tears, and cheer you on.
Basically, I’ll hold the flashlight while you navigate the dark. Because anything can be fun with friends. 

I’ll never try to change you, fix you, or direct your path. I’m simply walking you home… wherever home is to you.

Mind/Body Reset Package

 Shifting old patterns of thought, feelings, or behavior is HARD and time-consuming… unless you have a coach walking you through, it takes months or even YEARS for most people.

To fully engage a shift in your life, you need to reset 3 levels of awareness:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Energetic (Nervous System)

Breaking limited loops of thought, emotion, and physical sensation, and replacing them with your goals and intentions amps up the process of personal transformation to hyperspeed. You can engage a shift into a victorious mindset, clear emotional processing, and a calm/confident nervous system rapidly, using my unique process which includes Hypnosis, EFT – Emotional Freedom Tapping, and DNA Activation.

This package includes:

  • 1 Victorious Mindset Hypnosis Session
  • 1 Emotional Freedom Tapping Session
  • 1 DNA Activation and Clearing Session
  • 4x 15min Spot Coaching Sessions

Isn’t it time you stopped pushing through on your own, and surrendered to your Soul?

Victorious Mind Coaching

Your mind is a powerful tool. When overwhelmed, your mind loses focus, falls into old thought patterns, and eventually becomes your worst enemy.

Bring your entire life into balance through clearing your mind, aligning your emotions and energy with your intentions, and creating unshakable self-confidence.

This program is a total transformation solution, and is NOT for anyone who wants to:

  • Avoid challenging feelings
  • Keep repeating old behaviors
  • Stay in your comfort zone 

IF you are ready to claim:

  • Victory over limited mindset
  • Emotional clarity and self-confidence
  • AND Habits for successful self-empowerment

THEN I want to work with you!

learn reiki Online

Become a fully certified Reiki Master in less than a year, from the comfort of your home!

Tired of waiting to find the right Reiki teacher? Class times never fit your schedule? Maybe you’re afraid it costs too much, or you’ll forget everything you learned in class.

Whatever reasons have kept you from booking your first Reiki certification class, kiss them buh-bye. Now you can learn Reiki at your own pace AND with a live class, without taking off your pajamas. How does it get better than this?!

You deserve to feel healthy and well.

Learning Reiki and practicing it regularly is the fastest way I’ve found to maintain “eternal youth” and vitality. Whether you are giving Reiki to a client, or to yourself, Reiki is flowing through your body, your energy channels, and every cell begins to vibrate with well-being.

And if you’ve finished your Usui Reiki Certification already, be sure to check out the Advanced Reiki classes I’ve added. Choose from Kundalini, Violet Flame, Isis Seichim, and Money Reiki.

Are you ready to become a healer?

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Embrace Change + Receive With Ease!

If you are avoiding change, you are slowing down your money flow!

Interrupt the loops of thought, feeling and behavior that keep you stuck in a rut of financial struggle, and replace them with a sense of excitement and confidence!

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