“We’re all just walking each other home”

~Ram Das.

All healing and enlightenment comes from within you.
But before the Light of divine grace dawns, you may walk through a dark night of the Soul.

I’m here to listen to you vent, dry your tears, and cheer you on.
Basically, I’ll hold the flashlight while you navigate the dark. Because anything can be fun with friends. 

I’ll never try to change you, fix you, or direct your path. I’m simply walking you home… wherever home is to you.

energy healing

The Angels love and care for us so much that they are willing to lift our pain and suffering FOR us. I work with the Archangels and the entire Angelic Realm, along with Reiki and Quantum Healing techniques to assist your mind and body to heal.

Angelic Healing:

  • 60min Distant Angel healing
  • Receive at your convenience
  • $50 USD

Money Reiki is a safe and natural form of energy healing that specifically benefits your finances. Whatever beliefs, emotions and energies about money that are limiting your financial wellbeing, Money Reiki can help. Relax and receive.

Money Reiki Healing:

  • Distant Reiki session, receive from anywhere
  • 30-60 minutes of powerful energy healing
  • Receive at your convenience
  • $25 USD/session

You will receive an email within 24-48 hours of purchase, informing you that your healing is available, and how to receive it.

Spiritual guidance

Gain clarity and inspiration about your most challenging situations. All problems have a simple, joyful, Divine solution.

Intuitive Spiritual Guidance helps you scrub off your illusions and limitations, cleanse your chakras, and let your Soul shine through!

During your session, I’ll channel messages, healing energy, and inspired action steps to get you back on-track with your spiritually badass self!

One part reading, one part mentoring, all Divine.

Soul Scrub Psychic Energy Guidance:

  • 60 minute reading by phone or Facebook/Zoom video chat
  • $144 USD

learn reiki Online

Become a fully certified Reiki Master in less than a year, from the comfort of your home!

Tired of waiting to find the right Reiki teacher? Class times never fit your schedule? Maybe you’re afraid it costs too much, or you’ll forget everything you learned in class.

Whatever reasons have kept you from booking your first Reiki certification class, kiss them buh-bye. Now you can learn Reiki at your own pace AND with a live class, without taking off your pajamas. How does it get better than this?!

You deserve to feel healthy and well.

Learning Reiki and practicing it regularly is the fastest way I’ve found to maintain “eternal youth” and vitality. Whether you are giving Reiki to a client, or to yourself, Reiki is flowing through your body, your energy channels, and every cell begins to vibrate with well-being.

And if you’ve finished your Usui Reiki Certification already, be sure to check out the Advanced Reiki classes I’ve added. Choose from Kundalini, Violet Flame, Isis Seichim, and Money Reiki.

Are you ready to become a healer?

still not sure ?

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