Did You Know? You are a Healer!


If you have hands (and even if you don’t) and an open heart, you can learn to heal yourself and others of physical, emotional and energetic discomfort.

All it takes is a little willingness to experience a miracle.

In 2006, while visiting a friend who happened to be a Reiki Master, I tripped and broke my little toe. When I looked down at my foot, my toe was pointing to the right, while the rest of my foot faced forward. EEEK!

My night-shift job in the Emergency Room had taught me to respect the moment of shock before pain sets in, so I quickly snapped the toe back where it belonged, and gritted my teeth for the onslaught of pain I knew was coming.

With no way to cast the constantly moving toe, I knew “buddy taping” the little toe to its neighbor would be the extent of what a doctor could do for me. I opted not to pay $800 for the priviledge of my co-workers teasing my clumsiness, and decided “What the hell, I’ll give Reiki a try.”

I hobbled over to my friend, explaining what had just happened. “Could Reiki fix this?” I asked.

“Let’s see if it wants to heal,” came the reply, as two warm hands gently cradled my foot.

Years of studying physical anatomy has given me vivid imagination of what the healing process inside the body might look like. As the Reiki energy pulsed through my toe, I had a crystal clear picture of my bone piecing itself together like it was made of atom-sized lego bricks.

The sensation was intense. Extreme heat pulsed through my toe, and it felt like a high volume of electrical current ran up and down my leg. I almost pulled away, but it was almost as if a mother shushing her child whispered in my ear

“Let it happen. It’s the 6 weeks of healing happening all at once. The natural process of the body healing can happen over a long time, or in the blink of an eye. It’s up to you.”

I relaxed, curious if that were possible…

“All done.” My friend was smiling at me. About 90 seconds had passed since the Reiki treatment began.


Incredulous, I stared at my toe. Wiggled it. Still no pain! 

Gingerly, I stood, and put a little weight on my foot. Still no stab of broken bone pain or even the dull ache after bruising your flesh. NO PAIN.

Laughing like a maniac, I started to put more and more weight on the foot, purposely bending my toe, pressing it into the floor… NO PAIN.

From that moment on, my career as a nurse was doomed. I could never really assure my patients that the invasive, often scary and painful procedures we offered were the best possible option after that.

I still love the medical field and bio sciences for what they offer us. There are times when procedures are necessary, and medications can help. There are people who believe in it, so it is the best method of healing for them.

But my mind was blown by the possibilities of radical physical, mental, emotional and energetic healing. Miraculous healing! I knew this was my path.

Reiki has healed me of a variety of physical illnesses and injuries, often in less than half the time it would normally take to recover. I have healed the imbalances in my brain, my thoughts, my hormones and my emotions with Reiki. I look 10 years younger than I am. I can feel my lifespan getting longer.

Whether you want to heal yourself, or change the world by helping others live happier, healthier, more productive lives, I can guarantee you will do BOTH when you learn and practice Reiki.

Since 2010, I have had the pleasure of teaching dozens of students Reiki. My students come from all over the world to learn in the LIVE Online Classroom, where you get the best of both worlds – a live class and personal attention from your teacher, as well as videos you can review at your own pace or at your preferred time.


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Reiki is a lineage of Energy Healing that dates back to 1922, when Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered ancient techniques of healing known to Tibetan Buddhist monks and other great healers of the past, through a 21 day fasting meditation on top of Mt. Kurama in Japan.

The Reiki we practice today is a simple, easy to understand practice of self-healing, which naturally opens the practitioner to their physical and intuitive abilities. Healing is not separate from any of life’s aspects, so if you are a psychic, Reiki will enhance your psychic abilities, and introduce a deeply healing quality to your readings. If you are a marriage officiant, a nurse, a social worker, a business person, a real estate agent, or whatever your career calling may be… Reiki will benefit your life.

In the process of self-healing and balancing your energies, you will discover new ways to interact with everyday items and situations too. Reiki has been proven to make plants grow faster and stronger. It can re-start the motor on a fan, or fix the problem in your car that started while you’re 500 miles from home. You can give Reiki to relationships in your life, to heal misunderstandings and foster clear communication.

You can calm your pets, put babies to sleep instantly, and de-escalate angry people with ease, simply by running Reiki through yourself while in the presence of whoever needs to be calmed. You can even send Reiki like laser beams through your eyeballs.

Reiki is a real-life SuperHero ability. You already have the ability within you.

But it needs to be turned on. You need to learn how to use your Powers in a way that feels right to you. Your body also needs time to integrate your abilities as a healer. This is LIFECHANGING, miraculous energy.

So if you’re ready to join us as a SuperHero, healing yourself and making life better wherever you go, you’ll want to jump in on the next Reiki I class. It takes about a year to go through all 3 levels of Reiki. You take each level once, schedule a 1 on 1 energy activation session called an Attunement, and then you’ll have a 21 day self-healing period where you use Reiki on yourself and everything in your life, to create new habits!

Between levels, 3-6 months of practice is required, either on yourself, or with clients, before moving on to the next level.

Reiki has completely changed my life and led me into a spiritual calling and a business that I never would have believed I was worthy of.

It can do the same for you.

Are you ready to discover who you are as a Reiki Practitioner?!




Each Reiki level consists of a LIVE online training class (held in a Facebook Group), which lasts approximately 4 hours, broken down into 20-30 minute video segments, and includes a 1 hour private session to be scheduled after the class material is completed to receive your Attunement (an energy activation and integration).

The dates below are dates for the LIVE online training classes. There will be 4 different training dates for each level of the class. You only need to complete one of the classes per level to receive your certification. If you prefer, you can watch the class recordings, and never attend a LIVE online class.

You MUST, however, schedule your private Attunement (energy Activation) after completing each level’s course material before you will be certified in that level of Reiki.

All course materials are available in a private Facebook group to make it easy to keep your Reiki practice fresh, and to allow you to interact with fellow Reiki students. Questions, weird energy experiences you can’t tell anyone else – that’s what we’re there for!

Now you can have the best of both worlds – a live class and an online self-paced course – PLUS a thriving student community!!


Save $200 with the complete Usui Reiki Certification Package!


(includes Usui Reiki Practitioner Levels I, II, and III/Master)


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After You’re a Reiki Master, What Next?


After becoming a Reiki Master, I was even more excited to learn everything there was to know about Reiki! I pored through books, wrote my own manuals for the classes I taught, and experimented with the symbols on my own.

But something was still missing.

One day while Googling Reiki, I stumbled on an eBay listing for a Violet Flame Reiki certification course.

WHAAAAAT?!?! Ebay of all places! The energy I could feel through the screen was profound, and palpable! I clicked purchase, and was almost immediately emailed a document with 40 new symbols, and a bit of copy/pasted information from a yahoo newsgroup.

I realized that Reiki is continually evolving. A variety of complimentary forms of Reiki are being developed, or channeled into the world for us to use in our healing work.

To date, I have now added Violet Flame Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Isis Seichim Reiki, and Holy Fire Reiki to my practice. At this point I am offering Violet Flame, Kundalini and Isis Seichim certification classes.

You must be an Usui Reiki Master before receiving certification in these advanced Reiki methods, however you may purchase at any time!

Violet Flame Reiki is a lovely frequency of energy and connection with Quan Yin, bodhisattva of compassion. The 40 symbols in Violet Flame Reiki have specific, distinctive functions for physical and spiritual healing.

Kundalini Reiki is without symbols, and works with energy “from the ground up,” bringing strength, stability, and vitality to the lower chakras. Profound physical healing is facilitated with Kundalini Reiki. This course also includes Crystalline Reiki, DNA Reiki, Past Life Reiki, and Birth Trauma Reiki.

Isis Seichim Reiki connects us with the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, and the energy of Goddess Isis. With Isis Seichim we broaden spiritual understanding, and through the Golden Ray, amplify our Divine Human Power.

Money Reiki helps us release blocks to money and heal our personal, tribal, and spiritual money energies. Money Reiki is the “missing piece” for most women who have done mindset work and manifesting exercises but still struggle financially.

To learn more or enroll in the next round of certifications, select a Reiki course below.


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